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It does work - at least in one test incident (LO 4.2.5, Win 7 -64). You are going to have to be more specific about your situation, eg operating system and version, exactly what you tried to do and how you tried to do it, what results or error messages you did get (if any), characteristics of the problem file and, if possible, a small reproducible example. For example, have you had this issue on multiple files or just one? What are the characteristics of the problem file? Did you create it or was it from someone else? Was it created in LO or another application? What file format? Are heading and paragraph styles properly defined? If you get the heading "Table of Contents" but nothing else, it is most likely because heading styles have not been properly defined. It amazes me how many people manually format each and every heading etc rather than simply applying styles. Also, in the insert Table of Contents dialogue, check which checkboxes are ticked, particularly "Create from... Outline".

Try a very simple test case: Create a new document. Type "Heading 1" and assign it heading 1 style. Type "Heading 2" and assign it heading 2 style. Anywhere else on the page insert a Table of Contents.