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ROSt52 is right when commenting that understanding the principles and implications of LO concepts about Styles & Formatting is rather hard at the beginning.

LO is very very versatile when it comes to Outline & Numbering. You can enter ANY styled paragraph in a TOC. All you have to do is configure the feature in the "Outline & Numbering" tab of the style definition dialog. You find there a drop^down menu to give the TOC style attribute: from body text (= not in TOC), level 1 to level 10.

Maybe during your direct formatting, you indirectly activated this feature. I don(t know (I didn't went through the doc) if there is key binding associated with it, but I already had surprises in the past when typing the wrong ctl-something for a combination that visually changed nothing on the screen, so that I could catch immediately my mis-typing.