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The suggested way to export data from Base is to use Calc as a 'helper' application.

Select Table, and select the table to export, then select Edit > Copy. That copies the contents of the table to the clipboard.

Select File > New and create a Calc spreadsheet. With the cursor in cell A1, do Edit > Paste. That puts the table into Calc.

The next step is to export it from Calc in a format suitable for the 'SQL' database. You will have to consult the Help for the 'SQL' database to find out what it needs. Then you can do File > Save As and save as a file type 'Text CSV'. This gives you a dialogue to set the export options, such a field separators and quoting. You will then need to issue whatever command is needed to import this into the 'SQL' database.

When you have all the tables migrated to the 'SQL' database, you can open a new Base file and use 'Connect to an existing database'. You will have to read up on connection types (ODBC or JDBC) to get the 'SQL' database recognised and connected to Base.

Once you have done that, you can use Base in much the same way as you used it with the built in HSQL database