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I have been working for hours trying to find a solution to this problem.

AS background; I am a native English speaker forced to use a Japanese system at work. I'm not terribly good at reading Japanese, and would rather be productive than spend half my time trying to figure out how to use the software. On MSOffice I could work around it due to memory of menu locations, as in "uhh.. I think it:s this one.. yep! ok moving on" until they changed to the stupidass ribbon menu. Going from 2K7 to 2K13 pretty much ruined any productivity I had left. I thought Id revisit open office and give Libreoffice a try. This installer business is downright unattractive. I can't think of an appropriate yet safe for work word for it.

Hey, dumb thought: If the person is working in a non native language, perhaps the idea that they could just "fix it" AFTER the installation is complete is pretty damn stupid. Ever have someone grab your TV remote and change the menu settings to Spanish while you weren't looking. It sure is fun trying to figure out where that menu was so you can change it back.

Another dumb thought: Not everyone has access to the msiexec from the command line. So, that "solution" didn't work for me. And it is a pretty hacky solution for an installer problem anyway.

So back to trying to fix it after installation. Ok no problem. My Japanese abilities are not THAT bad. Oh wait... So under the UI language settings my options are: 1 Japanese. 2: System Default - Japanese. No English. That is only for Local.

Hmm.. ok lets go back and try installer options. Uninstall. Try the installer again. Choose advanced settings (or.. whatever it is.. Its in Japanese). Find the language options. Good think I know the Kanji for that. Oh.. Whats this? All sorts of great languages, like African, Croatian, but no English. At this point, I would be satisfied with UK, Australian, Canadian, whatever. NOPE.

Well.. I hear I can somehow CHANGE the install language when I download the installer from the web site. short answer: NO. YOU CAN'T!

My GOD Libreoffice. You forked 80% of your code from OpenOffice, but the one thing you threw away was a simple, elegant, language friendly installer.

My solution?!?! I installed Apache Open Office. EASY! Installer language is RIGHT THERE in the download page. What's more is additional language packs are on click. Download, run installer.. OH WOW its in the language I CHOSE, not my system language. What fun.

Good job Libre. Good job. POS

REALLY. Anyone who argues against having a language picker ON THE WEBSITE, as the first page of the installer, or BOTH, is an absolute idiot. (Yes. I did a lot of searching before I gave up. Including reading the official 'bug' thread for this issue. And yes. Developers with no clue what it is like to work in an international environment are actually arguing AGAINST solving this problem appropriately. Good luck and goodby Libre).