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Since I am taking part in forums on the office software subjects (about 2 years now) this must be (at least) the tenth post I read telling a similar story or asking for a solution in the field.

My bank provides me with a database, maintained and improved in short intervals, perfectly connected to the bank if needed, allowing for any task I may wish to perform including printouts of any selection and submitting orders of any kind, delivering the latest turnovers and balances at any time, let me categorise everything to as many levels as I want, allowing for many kinds of evaluation, saving everything to a local database (on my PC) but allowing for recovery from the remote base if needed ...

It can also export data to a text file (csv or so). I never find a reason to use this feature.

Ah yes. 15 years (?) ago I paid a bit (<50DEM that time) for its predecessor. It saved me hundreds of hours.

It is based on the open standard FinTS/HBCI.