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It seems like it does not exist in LibreOffice Math (yet hopefully). But yes - mentioned workaround works. This moment is not very comfortable to explain to regular user, that she/he have to go into code window and change rbrace into none. Also the experimental feature, which allows edit formula directly in show area, should be enabled by default. This can be turned on in Tools->Settings->Advanced menu.

For example two formula systems - one without alignment and second one with alignment:

left lbrace { binom { 3 x + y = 4 } { 2 x - y = 1 } } right none

left lbrace alignl { binom { 3 x - 2 y = 4 } { x + y = 3} } right none

This means, that if equations have unequal length, then alignment would be necessary.

The stack could be used if there is more than 2 equations needed to bind into system.