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Lupp, thanks for you answer.

You say that I should be rather secure if I use the official LibreOffice web site... but how do you know that the official LibreOffice code is clean? I am not referring to blunt and evident malware such as common viruses or key loggers, but more insidious and specialized pieces of code.

What is very relevant to me is the security of my small operation (and larger operations with collaborators). Since, as you point out, LibreOffice is a patchwork of source code, how do we know as a community that this application has not been infiltrated by rogue programmers? Has every line of code and libraries been validated? Is there a process in place to prevent this from happening?

Is this a naïve question? Given the fact that many people rely on open source tools, they seem a natural vehicle to disseminate spyware.

Any guidance would be appreciated.