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I have discovered that the failure of Writer to render superscript correctly only applies to certain types of html coded web pages:those with classes specified inside the sup tags. If a class is specified in the html code inside the sup tags, the characters specified as superscript by the sup tag on the web page will not be rendered as superscript when copied from the web page and pasted into a librewriter document. They will be rendered as superscript when pasted into a Word document. If the browser page is saved as a txt file and the txt file is then opened with notepad, the superscript numbers will be indicated as such with a ^ symbol preceding the number. The presence of the class specification inside the sup tags has no affect on the superscript rendering when pasted into Word or opened as a saved txt file in notepad, but it does prevent the superscript rendering when pasted into LibreWriter. I am having to paste into Word first and then copy from the Word document and paste into Writer to get the correct superscript rendering.

I consider this to be a bug in Version: of LibreOffice Writer.