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Yes Lupp, I know that @Nars thread and I used it to get rid of this "feature". But I want to migrate to Linux, I am tired to change to a new Windows version every few years and pay for that new one. The string you wrote for linux does not exist for my linix mint 17.1. I cannot detect that!. Perhaps I am forced to go to some linux forum to get help. But I am very disapointed by the fact that the LibreOffice software people do not give a damne including the possibility to make an option to switch this "feature" off.

rautamiekka: here is the link provided by @Nars to switch this lovely feature off: hope this will help. If not I can provide a screenshot which I made that time.

This is until now the main reason I do not want to update to the new libreoffice version and also the main reason I did not contribute money to those software people.