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answered 2014-12-30 12:27:30 +0200

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I made a test in LibO on an XP machine:

The formua =VLOOKUP(A2,$Sheet1.$A$2:$C$17,2,0) works correct even when I copy the formula down to the end of the column.

As you can see I selected as the area 3 columns A, B, C; the entire array is A2 to C17.

What could be gone wrong is that Calc does not automatically make the corner points of the 3 column array A2 and C17 as absolute points $A$2 and $C$17. If Google doc does this automatically than you have the reason for not working in LibO.



is your formula in Calc, then make B to $B$1 and D to $D$ end value of your array (bottom most right cell of your array).



is your working formula in Google doc then there is a small difference between Google doc and LibO in the way that Google docs allows you to select an entire column just by using the column names, B, C, D