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@Spring_Chicken: using a checksum, you can verify the integrity of the file you've downloaded. See the Wikipedia page on on checksums.

To check it, you need two things:

  • the correct checksum for the individual file to download, to compare it with the cecksum of the file you've downloaded;
  • a software to calculate the checksum.

The checksums for all the LO downloads are available on the "Info" page of every download. Take care to get the checksum for the specific file you've downloaded - OS, LO version, Language, Program or Help pack.

Info Links for LO Downloads

To calculate the checksum for the file you've downloaded, there's a lot of freeware software around - check the mentioned Wikipedia article for links.

If you encounter problems installing a program, make sure to:

  • verify the integrity of the download (as explained above);
  • have sufficient privileges to start the installation (you may need to start the installation as admin user);
  • have read and write access to the downloaded file. If you choose "Run downloaded file" or something like that directly from the browser's download dialogue, installation may fail if the browser saves the download read-only. So, you should choose "Save locally" or "Save on local disk" in your browser's download dialogue to save the download, and then open the download directory with Windows Explorer and run the file from there.