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OK, I will try again to explain my problem more clearly.

SITUATION: Writing an academic text with inserting references in the text.


--> tools --> Bibliography Database

I opened the database, typed in the entry data in the single fields and allocated a short name to each entry

in the text, when I want to insert a reference I select the short name from a dropdown menu via

--> Insert --> Indexes and Tables --> Bibliography Entry

voila, the short name in brackets appears in the text.

At the end of the text I select

--> Insert --> Indexes and Tables --> Indexes and Tables

to insert the List of References which shows all data I filled into the Bibliography Database


when I now change the entries in the bibliography database, e.g. add or delete information, these changes are not taken over by the List of References when I update that field (Rightclick --> Update Index/Table)

Any hints on that? Or do I have to insert each reference into the text anew?