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Well, making own makros is not the problem (for me). However, if there are several non-programmers who would like to switch to LO but are missing this one feature, which is used quite often, they will stick at MO and not change.

Anyway, the steps to remove duplicates you pasted are exactly the same as explained in the link, I have attached in my initial post.

Again, this is not for complaining LO and the product, but it could enhance its functionality and its distribution at lot!

Quote: Firstly, you get the right solution for you.

Usually, people want it to be straight forward. Usually, they select the stuff to be checked for duplicates, press a button and then wait for the "answer". They simply do not want to make this extra steps if this is solved easy in Excel. Then they ask: "Why should I change to LO? I loose a feature or the possibility to do this in a fast way."

Quote: Second, to learn not to burden the developers to find solutions to already solved problems (IMHO)

If there is already a solution, why not simply putting the steps together into a single button? Then, everybody can access this feature within a short periode of time. Honestly, people do not want to do everything by hand. It is that simple. If the feature does not exist (as a button) this is recognized as a missing feature! I can see this day in day out...

@Lupp In proteomics, you often end up with different txt files which you import into Calc or Excel (or similar programs). Either, you code your own tools or (more common for the majority of people) you use MO Excel or LO Calc to work on the data. That is the way people work (without saying this is a good or bad way ;)).

Best regards, Dennis