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Hi - In the ProtectCell.ods attached, formatting and cell protection is achieved by applying styles. Protected areas are:

  • Titles (C1 & A3:D3)
  • Calculated ranges (C4:D9)

When the protection is enabled, use Ctrl + F8 to gray protected cells. To view protected areas when protection is not enabled right click in the Styles Window on "ProtectMaster"> Modify, Background tab, choose a color (Chart3 in the example).

image description

Steps to reproduce this example:

  • Right click "Default" in the Styles Window (Cell styles) > Modify: Unprotect.
  • Create the "master" style (ProtectMaster in the example), Protect
  • Right click on this style > New to create "dependent" styles (ProtectCurrency & ProtectTitles in the example). These styles "inherit" protection as they inherit the color.

This example only protects some cells, others are not (default). It goes without saying that one can do the opposite...