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answered 2015-02-27 01:54:13 +0200

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If you saved your file at least once a day and did not delete any files, the last saved files will be on your Mac. Use the search function of your PC and you will find the files.

Now to the crash of LibO. I would do the following: - Reboot the machine - If problem persist, renew the user profile: For details please refer to:

No, I didn't back up yet this week...

Let me just paste here a comment I put together

Very often I see questions on how to recover lost files. Better than attempting to recover lost data is prepare against the loss of data. To avoid a loss of a file these are 3 recommendations:

1 - Check the following LibO options: Tools > options > Load/Save > General
---- Save Autorecovery every x mins (the shorter the value the small a possible loss; I use 3 min)
---- Automatically save document too ( I don't use this, because I regard the autorecovery function as excellent.)
---- Always create a backup copy (download and read the free of charge LibO guide to understand how this works)

2 - When I work more than a day on a file, I create additional daily back ups. I use the format "filename_yymmdd.ext" and I keep at least 1 previous version. In case the file is extremely important and I work long hours non-stop, I add the actual time behind the date.

3 - Backup the HDD of your computer to an external HDD. External HDD in the range of 2-4 TB cost mostly less than 150 EUR. I do this almost daily and even backup external HDD onto another one.

When it comes to this topic this expression comes to my mind: "Fail to prepare is prepare to fail!"


Depending on your settings you might be able to find a copy in your Backup folder. You will information on the location of this Backup folder under: Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths