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You can do this with a "Formula is" condition in conditional formatting.

  1. Select all the cells you want the formatting to be applied to, for example B1:E3000
  2. Format -> Conditional Formatting -> Condition
  3. Change condition type to "Formula is"
  4. In the field next to it, type in a formula that will set the style if true. For example: $A1=6008
    This will make all the cells in each row to check the value of the cell in column A of that row.
  5. Select your desired style, and press OK

Repeat for as many styles and specific values as you need.

To copy the conditional formatting to another file:

  1. Create an empty sheet and set the conditional formatting (or duplicate a sheet with the formatting and remove all data)
  2. Open both files at the same time
  3. Copy the empty sheet (with the conditional formatting) from the first file to the second file
  4. Copy all the data you want formatted onto the new sheet
  5. If you need to fix cell ranges for the conditional formatting, go to Format -> Conditional Formatting -> Manage, click Edit, and edit the Range value.