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So let me tell you all this: This problem used to be many years ago on OOffice and it somehow migrated to LO during the fork. It's a annoyance, mostly... Anyway... I was asked to install LO 4.4 which probably uses a newer and different way of managing formulas, and probably fixed it. However, I did return to the native version of my distro (Mint 17.1- Rebbeca, LO 4.2), because LO 4.4 would crush too much to my taste, and I never had the chance to really find out if the problem occurs on it as well. Just to be on the safe side: In case this problem returns to anyone else I uploaded two files that this happened to them, one after deleting a character that was after the formula box and the second one happened after reopening a saved file. Am still not sure what causes it, but maybe these two files can help:

First file

Second file