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Depends on how much precision you qualify as necessary. For a 45 degree isometric it's relatively easy, you'd only have to calculate the short sides of a triangulation. A 60/30 isocube needs some additional calculations; being lazy I'd definately fire up some CAD software to produce a nice SVG cube.

A 45 degree isocube with dimensions of 5.00cm; draw a rectangle (press Shift for equal dimensions), right click --> Position and Size; give width and height as 5.00cm. Apply. Then go to Edit --> Duplicate and choose 1 copy. Now, right-click on the copy and select Position and Size again; go to the Slant and Corner Radius tab, set slant angle as 45 degrees.

image description

Then in the Position and Size tab; set Size : Width as 3,535533906cm which is the Pythagorean value I calculated; √(5.00²/2). Draw will round the number up to 3.54, please use more accurate units than centimeters, this is only for demonstration.

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The resulting polygon can be duplicated, flipped and rotated to construct the cube, alignment to gridpoints helps (at least with such simple dimensions).

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Maybe this is possible some other way I'm not aware of, already tried to manipulate the included shapes in Draw without much luck (precision-wise that is).