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I have a similar set up in terms of CPU and OS but haven't had speed issues.

How much memory do you have on your system and how much is LO using? On my system, LO with a single doc open in writer is below 250,000K load on 4GB of RAM.

As a start, what are your LO Graphics and Memory options set at?

By way of comparison, on my system

for memory I have :

20 undo steps, 128 Mb for LO 1 Mb per object and 100 object cache. I do not load the LO quickstarter.

for graphics:

I use hardware acceleration / anti aliasing but have open GL off.

and misc settings

JRE on, Open CL on, Macros off.

Other areas to check could be any extensions you have that might be misbehaving. It may also be worth creating a clean profile and seeing if you still have the same issues.

As another possible - could other processes be slowing down your system? may be run process explorer (D/L sys internals) and see whether another program is hogging all your CPU and / or RAM.

I hope that offers you some help Eric