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Hi cherfr

I can sympathise, though cannot offer a fix other than to search for the previous version (download + installing from disk is very useful in this respect). I'm new to LO under Debian (previously using OO under Windows) and Gordon Bennett! but I'm gathering a very long list of user-unfriendly differences.

My own experience is not identical (briefly, if an item is selected--words, whatever--and scroll/navigation is used to get to another page, then LO will re-show the page with the selected item whilst in the middle of moving to that page; damn annoying).

Your experience does echo for me from my time under Windows; in certain circumstances OO would scroll from the end to the beginning of the document (most bizarre, and a pain on a 400+ page doc - I'm a computer professional & could never find a fix). You do not state which OS you are using but I suspect Windows & possibly a bad interaction with JRE/whatever. You will certainly need to try downgrading to the previous version. If the same symptoms continue (and it is Windows) then you may well be facing an OS repair/reinstall.

I'm sorry, once again, not to be able to offer any kind of fix.