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Hi MarjaE

I do not have any fix from within Draw. Really, I'm just sympathising with you, and damn whoever decided to replace the Default Palette. For whose benefit? Stupid little sh*t (perhaps some day soon they will display a similar lack of forethought whilst crossing the road in front of traffic & thus fix many future problems in one fell swoop).

PaintShop Pro (Windows) & GIMP (Linux) each have a Colour Picker Tool. The quickest way that I've found to fix this is to:-

  1. find an orphaned colour
  2. take a screen snapshot
  3. use colour picker to find html colour value for orphan
  4. Create named-colour using that shade
  5. replace all instances of that orphan with new colour

It's fantastically long-winded & stupid. However, take note:- all named shades within my previous palette are retained within the new palette (in other words, named Palette entries survived the update - a hint for future action?).

Re: take a screen snapshot:- very easy in Windows (press "Print Screen/SysRq" key then paste in PSP). In Linux I had to install "Shutter", which seems overkill.