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The colors are stored as numbers in the file. When loading the document, the numbers are matched to the color names in the actual color palette in the user settings. This does not change the colors itself.

You can take an old version of the file "standard.soc" and use it to replace the "standard.soc" in user/config. This "standard.soc" file determines the colors, which you will see as default. If you have not got an old version, you can extract it from an old installation set; it is in the folder "presets".

You can make your own "standard.soc". It is a plain text file. Each color has an item of the kind <draw:color draw:name="Black" draw:color="#000000"/>. For those colors, which you want from the old palette, copy its items form the old palette file into the new palette file.

To get all actual used colors of the document, save the document in the flat fodg format. The colors are in hex notation, e.g. #b42033, and easily to find by the sign #. You can use find&replace in an editor to exchange values. The real problem is, that you have already mixed up the colors in the document and therefore I see no way as examine the wrong and correct colored objects to get the actual colors. Select one wrong colored object, Format > Area > tab Colors, button Pick. You will see the hex number of the color. Same for one object with the wished color. With this knowledge, you can do a bulk change in the fodg file.