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Your question was changed from "legal document" to "legal sized document". I don't know the significance of the term "legal document".
When creating a Writer document you should set the page size in Page Format to the size of the paper that will be used to print the document on.
In your answer to your question you seem to be defeating the object of your requirement in that you set the Page Size to Legal (21.59cm by 35.56cm) then when completed set the Page Format back to Letter (21.59cm by 27.94). This will reformat the document to Letter size and produce more pages as Letter is much shorter than Legal.
I wonder if you thought the term "Legal" in the Page Format had some special significance? The term "Legal" here is purely the Page Size.
If you have not set up a Default Template for Writer documents then any new Writer document will be based on the Template for Writer documents which is built into the program and will be A4 size. If you need to create documents regularly with a particular format (Page Size, Font) then create a Template for that format.