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To add a screenshot here:-

  1. Make + save the screenshot as a jpeg or png file
    (I believe that you have done this already)
  2. Click on the paperclip icon (Ctrl-F Attachment)
  3. (It says "Please choose and upload a file")
    (Under that is an entry box for a URL)
    (Underneath that is a button that says Browse..., and alongside it says "No file selected.")

    Click on the Browse... button, navigate to your screenshot file + select it
  4. Press OK and the screenshot will be uploaded

"I cannot get it to open because of a box that has a drop down and I have no idea what to do."

Well, neither can we as we do not even know what options it gives. Later on you say "drop down for character set" (but do not mention what options are given). I suspect that it is a File type box, in which case you would select "Text CSV".

Calm down, please, and help us to help you.

If this helps then please tick the answer (✔)