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I will surmise that the problem with the new check box is that is has a label that you cannot detach.

It's not exactly a bug, its just one of the more unintuitive features of LO Base form. The new check box was created with a label that, unlike other labels is not a separate control, and thus cannot be un-grouped. (If when you create the new check box you cannot see this, simply enlarge the checkbox "box" using the little green/blue boxes and you will see that when you created the check box in Edit mode, it automatically was created with a special kind of Label next to it.)

This label is populated by the entry in Control --> General --> Label. If you delete the entry in the property line, the CHECKBOX control will then not have the pseudo-label. Separately create a LABEL control and then hitch the two together using the Label Field property in the control box. In this manner, you can make the CHECKBOX label function the way you desire.

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