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Here's what I can tell about Shift+PgDn behavior:

If you use Shift+PgDN once (and only once) it will select the text between the cursor starting and end point.

If you try to use it a second time, it will function as PgDN only and everything will be de-selected.

You cannot use Shift+arrow key to select some text, then use Shift+PgDN--doing that will deselect everything.

You can, however, use Shift+PgDN (the one time) and then switch to Shift+arrow key. But you can't go back to Shift+PgDN.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on there, but it APPEARS as if Shift+PgDN is treated as a one-time combination, and once the action completes it ignores the shift button entirely and only recognizes PgDN. I have no idea if this is intended behavior or a bug, it's just what I see.

So basically to answer your question, I don't think you're missing something--Shift+PgDN almost works the way you think it should, but it doesn't quite, and I don't really understand what the rules are.