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Your question is not entirely clear, but it appears you are trying to track individual contributions from donors of the same household. If what I surmise is correct, the answer is yes.

There are several ways you could accomplish this task, but it appears you want to enter the household address only once, and thereby use the household as the "master table." So, let's set that up.

First, create a table called "tbl_households" with the following fields (These are merely suggestions. Customize to your own needs.):
1) ID (autonum field)
2) household_id

Note: If you use the ID field for setting relationships, the household_id field is not necessary. Otherwise, use the household_id to create a customized alphanumeric id, and keep the ID field for system use only. For our example, we'll assume you keep the household_id field.

3) household_name
4) address
5) city
6) timestamp
7) status
8) sysflag

Now let's create "tbl_donors" with the following fields:
1) id (autonum)
2) household_id
3) donor_name
4) contribution
5) timestamp
6) status
7) sysflag

Set a relationship between tbl_households and tbl_donors on the household_id field for use as you enter data, run reports etc., so that the data integrity of the join field ("household_id") is maintained. If you set up your input form with a subform, the parent form data source would be tbl_households and the child form data source would be tbl_donors. You could then call up a household and enter the separate contributions from each member of the selected household.

Please note that explanations of the terms "data integrity" and "join field," and the reason for adding fields such as timestamp, status, and sysflag are outside the scope of this post.

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