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It depends. If the information is wholly determined by the SKU, then the best practice would be not to add it to the Stock Change table at all, and just have the sole information identifying the product be the SKU. In that scenario, you could have a subform (form Navigator --> New --> Form) that displays the Product record, linked to the SKU field. To make this approach really work for live data entry, however, you would need to code macros to reload the page whenever you changed the SKU-- because the subform link does not necessarily change at the same time, until a reload, for example with this code example:

root_doc = ThisComponent
form_container = root_doc.DrawPage.Forms
main_form = form_container.getByIndex(0)
row_num = main_form.getRow()

If you run that code on the on update event for the control containing the SKU, that will ensure the subform is updated.

Alternately, just update the other controls on the same form using something like the second code example in this answer.