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See THIS POST (expecially the second answer) for how to do it.

Given you are OK with the schema, here is a sketch of the form setup:

  1. setup an additional filter table to store the ID (integer key) from the user listbox choice of recipe.

  2. the listbox for user recipe-selection will be in the main form.

  3. use a linked subform to display all your recipe information in a list (data grid). Note: the contents of the subform data will be determined by the value of the recipe ID stored in the filter table.

  4. the datasource for the recipe information in the sub-form will probably need to be a query joining info from the ingredients and recipe-ingredients table (this query would need to include all the primary keys to be writable through the form).

See THIS POSTthis background article (expecially the second answer) for how to do it.

which discusses the general approach in more depth with some examples.