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Further to JayArr's accurate answer:-


Computer OSs come (broadly) in 32-bit + 64-versions; Macs, of course, can then historically add other cpu to this list. You need to discover what CPU your Mac is using, then download+install that specific version of LO (programs are written in source-code--which is plain-text--then compiled for use upon a specific cpu; this is why you need to know your computer cpu).

In the situation where your computer is a 64-bit (intel) cpu but LO only has a 32-bit (intel) program, it is normally possible to run a 32-bit program on a 64-bit computer (consult your OS to be certain).


Java is also a compiled program, and broadly the same rules apply to obtaining a version of Java as apply to obtaining LO, with this twist:-

You need to obtain the same cpu version of Java as your LO version.

Thus, if LO is 32-bit & your cpu is 64-bit, you may need to have 64-bit java for other programs, but you will need 32-bit java for LO.