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Which software have you set to open your .ost, or.ods files, LibO or OO? OpenOffice and LibreOffice use the same open document format (.odt, .ods). However your LibO and OO settings will probably not be the same. You will have different paths for storing the documents. I would expect your Windows Explorer to be set to default to either OO or LibO and expect you would specifically need to tell windows if you wish to use the non-default Writer for .ods.

You would have the same problem on my Linux-Mint Mate system where my default is LibO 5.0 and I need to select 4.4 or 5.1 when I need to open the .ods with other than my default. I do not have OO installed .

It is possible your old OO is still using the older 1.0 versions of .odt or .ods and hence is unable to open your LibO files which defaults to the more modern 1.2. If that is the problem you can set LibO to use the older standards.

You may find you do not have the same problem if you default to LibO to open the files with Windows Explorer, as it will open all the OO files.... this may not answer your exact problem, but perhaps give a few clues...Peter