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I have the same problem. Running Windows 10 After a few experiments I have found that some of my older .odt documents display just fine, however the newer ones do not. There are no LibreOffice or OpenOffice Preview Handlers in my windows registry, only Microsoft Office ones. So - I believe the answer given by petermau (paragraph 3) is correct. The version of the odt standard does make a difference. When I open an older version file with Microsoft Word every thing works ok. But, when I try to open a newer LibreOffice file in MS Word I get an error message saying the file is corrupt. (Continuing past the error messages and MS Word seems to load a simple file correctly despite the error messages.)

I really never use the Windows preview anyway and for a preview the LibreOffice Start Screen works pretty good.

But - If you really need the Windows preview, it looks like a trade-off of having to use the older standard.

To use the older standard ---Menu - Tools - Options - Load/Save - General - Default File Format and ODF Settings