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I guess you mean LO I had the same problem

The verification took a long time and my computer got almost completely unresponsive.

Activity Monitor indicated that kernel_task had grown to more than 6.3GB (real memory). My machine has 8GM memory. It did not take very much CPU time, but everything came virtually to a halt. Even the clock sometimes lagged minutes behind. The verification process took more than 2 hours and 15 minutes, after which I had to leave. When I returned it had finished, so I know it took less than 5 hours. Ater confirming that I wanted to run the application downloaded from the internet, LO continued, but it took at least 10 minutes before it appeared. In the meantime the kernel_task memory footprint still was high, but later it dropped back to more reasonable values.

I did this twice, with a reboot in between. The reboot didn't solve the problem.

I also tried LO 5.0.5, and its verification took about 5 minutes (still quite long I think), with kernel_task going up to about 4GB. But at least the system continued to work normally.

So it seems there is something fishy with LO