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Marisov has correctly identified what you should do for the future. However, that does not help you now.

Unfortunately, the file you supplied is corrupted beyond repair. Your only recourse is to try to find an alternate or older copy of the file. Since you're running Ubuntu, I can offer some command line "magic" that may be helpful in tracking down an alternate version of the file.

Open up a terminal (e.g., gnome-terminal, xterm, konsole), and at the prompt ($), type:

find / -name "*part of file name*"

The asterisks (*) tell the 'find' program to search for any file name that includes the snippet you typed. For example, to find any file with a '.odt' extension:

find / -name "*.odt"

If you aren't sure of the capitalization, you can use '-iname':

find / -iname "*my_file*.odt"

This will search for any file name that includes "my_file" (ignoring case), and ending with '.odt'.