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there is a semiautomatic solution for that question: auto-incrementing field.

the solution is adding fields into the frames. there is the logic behind the numbering:

you insert a frame. Then, you adjust the place the frame the way you want. In my case, this is outside border of the text on the mirrored pages. Following, you insert a field into the frame you've just created.

Click insert on the toolbar, go to field and then select variables. select number ranges. click insert.

now, you have a numbered frame. you can adjust the place of the number in the frame, I used centered numbers.

you can copy that frame and paste at the beginning of each paragraph. I think you can insert this frame by creating a new macro or autotext as well. With this solution, you always get the right numbering, even when you insert/write new paragraphs in between old ones. Numbers are automatically adjusted.

Before this solution, I was trying to number frames by editing style "frame contents" under paragraph styles. I was activating "outline & numering". With this way, you can number all the frames, even existing unnumbered frames. However, the frames are numbered by creation order, not by their vertical place in the document.