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Or - without DispatchHelper - you can select range of cells:

Sub SelectColumnTextTable(Optional nCol As Long)
Dim oTextTable As Variant
Dim nLastColumn As Long
Dim nLastRow As Long
Dim oCellRangeByPosition As Variant
Dim oCurrentController As Variant
    oTextTable = ThisComponent.getTextTables().getByIndex(0)
    nLastColumn = oTextTable.getColumns().getCount() - 1
    If IsMissing(nCol) Then nCol = nLastColumn
    If (nCol<0) or (nCol>nLastColumn) Then Exit Sub
    nLastRow = oTextTable.getRows().getCount() - 1

    oCellRangeByPosition = oTextTable.getCellRangeByPosition(nCol, 0, nCol, nLastRow)
End Sub