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Perhaps you could provide more information what you mean by "spellcheck auto-switch". Is it similar to this one: askUbuntu: switch spellcheck language when switching keyboard layout?

If so, and if your languages are supported (Russian and English, also Ukrainian, Belorussian, French, Romanian, Kazakh and German), maybe the Xneur package suggested in that link is useful. Note that development seems to have stalled though.

If it is not this issue, just to note, I don't use a different layout keyboard, as most languages I write can be done using a US layout with "special" characters provided via spellcheck. That works as long as I tell libreoffice which language they are supposed to be in (and have spellcheck for those languages installed). Checking a document that mixes languages then just "automatically" switches between different vocabularies as appropriate. This works both under linux and windows (but windows is more work to get the right language vocabularies installed).