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Pictures occupy a large amount of space. Working with an embedded DB (LO default) has problems with large amounts of data and potential data loss. This comes from the uncompressing and compressing of the .odb file whenever opening or closing the Base file. You can avoid this by creating a split database - one where the data is separated from the rest of the Base info. This avoids a lot of problems. (see this link on creating a split DB - click here). Using this method will eliminate the problem you are having but will still create a large .lobs file to hold the pictures.

Another option is to use a table to point to the pictures instead of storing the entire picture in the DB. This saves a lot of space and you can still use the embedded DB (although I always recommend to use a split DB for the previously mentioned reason). You can find information and a sample on this post: click here. The example is helpful. Using this method will also load and save your images much quicker.