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answered 2012-11-05 15:07:07 +0200

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I initiated the thread "How to crack a PW in LO?# mentioned in the answer of Jean-Baptiste Faure. However I am not yet sure how secured LibO files are. It seems to me that there is no encryption, thus brute force attack can be successful if there is enough time to attack the password.

I am using RightNote from It has a 128-bit encryption and 2 passwords. 128-bit is, as far as I know, currently the industry standard. I added a Calc file into a RightNote file. Works fine and is fast.

Another alternative is an information containing file in a winzip archive with an 256 bit encryption. However, as far as I remember each opening of the winzip archive creates an unprotected copy of the information containing files in the Temp folder.