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I might be misunderstanding the question, but I had issues with LibO 5.2 after upgrade ... both to 16.04 LTS (from 14.04) and up to the most recent LibO (I am currently running Version:; Build ID: 1:5.2.0~rc4-0ubuntu1~xenial).

There is a similar issue raised on AskUbuntu: it appears that libreoffice-gnome is not automatically installed. You can install it from the command line, or get it from Synaptic (which is what I did:

synaptic screenshot

Note that in the screenshot, libreoffice-gtk and libreoffice-gtk2 are also shown as installed: when you mark libreoffice-gnome, the two "gtk" packages get automatically marked as well. Since installing, my file operations on LibO 5.2 have gone back to "normal" for me (was getting a terrible interface before).