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As you already found, there is an ongoing effort to provide table styles in Writer. When the results of that effort will be finally presented and how many of your requirements will be covered, I don't know.

But for the time being, there is a partial workaround for your problem: use AutoTexts.

AutoText is the same tool you can use to insert a dummy text by writing the shortcut "dt" (without quotes) and then pressing F3, or a table containing a Math object and a number range with "fn" and then F3. As you can see Autotexts can hold any kind of content so you could format a table as you like, select it (pick at least an empty line before and another empty line after the table, otherwise it will not work) and then go to Tools → AutoText to give it a name and a shortcut.

Autotexts can be easily edited from that menu, but changes will only apply to newly inserted autotexts, not to old ones. I'm not aware of any workaround to maintain format consistency on all the inserted tables.