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It depends what you mean by 'web-based'. LibreOffice Base is really just a 'front end' to an underlying RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) database. The actual database 'back-end' may be on a local network ('split' from the Base file itself) for sharing purposes. But if you want to connect Base to an online (web-based) database, it may prove easier and more cost-effective to adopt a form-centric, web-database solution - see this post by DACM.

Another idea - you might be able to locate your Base file on a file-share service (like, say, Dropbox), but only ONE user may connect at one time (to prevent database corruption). A client-server configuration (such as used by MySQL) is really the only way to protect against data-corruption with multiple concurrent users. In any case, I recommend you adopt a 'split' database setup (as above) to protect against data-loss - see THIS TUTORIAL for more information.