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Here are the basic steps you take:

1) A web based database runs either on your internet hosting server or on a server that your internet hosting server can talk to.

For example. You go to a hosting company and pay for a hosting account and in return you get cpanel interface. From cpanel you drill down to databases, and then select and setup a database server, either MySQL, PostgreSQL, or the like, with user(s) and password(s). (You might also have the ability to setup an internet facing database server in other ways too like thru your school's account.)

2) Now this database server that you have setup can be connected to via either your web site (php code, or the like for example), or remotely from your notebook computer. In your notebook you can use a variety of tools to connect like phpMyAdmin, MS Access via ODBC, MyWorkbench, and LibreOffice via either the native SQL driver (extension) or an ODBC connector.

[Note, At the moment w/ LibreOffice I can't get the unixODBC to work without crashing LibreOffice, but the unixODBC is working otherwise. I'm still searching for an answer to this issue. But the native MySQL driver seems to connect to a MariaDB 10.1 data base ok, except that I'm getting an intermittent broken connection from time to time that I'm also still trying to chase down. I'm assuming all of these issues are solvable with a little more work on my part.]

ONCE you finally have the database set up, then you can use LibreOffice to "connect" to it and to manage it.

Have fun, as it's a great adventure.