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This is relatively easy. Spellcheck dictionaries are plain-text files that can be edited with any good text editor or word processor. So, download and install respective extensions for your languages (installing whole languages packs is overkill for this task), you will have them in

<your user settings directory>/uno_packages/cache/uno_packages/

in a subdirectory with a name like lu2ibkv.tmp_. You will have to know which one is what you need, search files af_ZA.dic and af_ZA.aff for Afrikaans, for example. Then open the .dic file and simply paste all your words there. Ideally, you should also correct the entry count number at the start of the dictionary, but this is not mandatory. If you want to keep your dictionary for further (re)installations or for sharing with others, just replace the existing file with your version in the extension being a mere ZIP file.