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You can set a keyboard shortcut for "Export to PDF..." (or just about anything) by going to the menu Tools > Customize...

• In the dialog box that appears, choose "Keyboard".

• Choose either the "Libre Office" or the "Writer" radio button on the right, depending if you want to set a suite-wide shortcut or just per application.

• Below that you'll see a list "Shortcut Keys". Choose an unused key combination (for example ctrl-alt-P)

• Below that, you'll see "Functions" area. Choose from the "Category" list "Documents", and from "Function" "Export to PDF".

• Click on the "Modify" button on the upper right of the window. In the "Shortcut Keys" area, your key combination should now list its newly-assigned function.

• Finally click "OK" and you should be set.

I hope I was clear and I hope this helps.