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An XML file is a plain ASCII file with tags, so you can open it with any text editor and see if your text is still there - it should be near the end of the file, you can skip the start. You can also check temporary folders in your user profile 9see below) but by now they have probably been cleared.

If saving in the (native) odt format gives you problems, you shouldn't switch to another file format, you should figure out what's wrong. What you describe is not normal behavior, and it's something on your computer. First, give LO time to save your work. If you are on a laptop, don't just close it down immediately after the save command. Give it some slack. Use the normal close down procedure. Second, if that doesn't work, you can reset the user profile, that's a folder where all of your customizations and preferences are stored. See for an explanation about it. Third, as a last resort, do a complete re-install.