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I was having this issue on a laptop running Windows 10 x64 on an Intel Core i3 Processor. What was annoying me is that I had two other users running on fundamentally the same hardware (different generations of Core i3) and having no issues, but this laptop just wouldn't go beyond opening the LibreOffice window.

I looked through the Add/Remove Programs list to try and see if I had any variation in software installed and had a hunch it had to be processor related. The only processor related software I could find that was on this laptop but not on the other systems was an Intel OpenCL SDK (I can't quite remember exactly what it was listed as in Add/Remove programs, something like OpenCL 1.1 for Intel Core Processors). I have just removed it and LibreOffice (x64) now works again!

If you're having this problem, check for OpenCL for your Intel Processor. With the increasing use of Intel's integrated graphics on most systems, there is a chance this is the problem in a number of cases.

Hope this helps.