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I am having the same problem with displaying a "null" answer for an IF-statement. The old instructions suggest using "" as the comments here. The LibreOffice Vanilla will display #VALUE for the simplest addition of three cells when one contains "". I think it is either a bug or programmer's idea in this new program. This is an old thread and probably was a solution a year ago. I have used "" for years in Excel, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice. Now with LibreOffice Vanilla on a Mac Book Pro with an i7 CPU and 16GB Ram, the value of "" will give the result of #VALUE as the answer of a simple =A1+A2+A3 if any of the entries have the "" content or result of an IF statement where "" is my false result. Any ideas? I really need this or something similar to keep the spreadsheet view clean. I saw on a post where someone suggested using {} instead of "". That seemed to work but the IF statements with several additions, multiplications, and divisions would fail to process. No Error, Just silent. This spreadsheet of about 30 x 36 cells with about half of them equations and and about a third of the cells having entered values. While using the {} alternative, the last 70 IF-statements would not complete. They would just sit uncalculated until I go into the FunctionHelper and it would complete that one calculation. Although sometimes part of the equation would just disappear. I removed all of the {} and went back to "" and #VALUE. Suggestion, ideas, alternatives, or work-arounds?