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First, determine if you are dealing with a Frame. Can you select the edge of the box by clicking on it? If you can and the resize handles are green, then it's probably a frame. If the resize handles are blue then it may be a drawing object. If you can't select the box then it may be borders around a paragraph.

If it is a Frame then with the frame selected, right-click to bring up a context menu. The last menu item will be Object (unless you have an older version of LibreOffice. In that case choose the Frame option on the context menu).

In the Frame dialog box choose the Options tab. The Name of the frame will probably be something like Frame1. Still on this Options tab, put a check the Size box. then select the Type tab and uncheck the Autosize box. These will protect the box from resizing to fit the contents. You can verify this by closing the dialog and trying to resize the Frame.

To add an image inside the frame, de-select the frame by clicking somewhere else, then click inside the frame. The text cursor will appear there. You can now use the top menu to insert an image. Navigate to your image and click Open.

Your image may not fit inside the box. You can resize the image manually or right-click on the image and choose Properties (or Picture in older LibreOffice). At the Type tab be sure the Keep ratio box is checked to prevent distortion of your image.

If your image is too long to fit in the frame, then put a check in the Size section under Height (relative to Paragraph area). The height will be set to 100% (of the Frame height). You can adjust this if you want the image smaller. Then click OK.

If this works for you, the you might want to make the changes to protect the Frame size in your template document so you won't have to repeat all this each time.