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The actual situation is the next. I'm working with a book created with Libreoffice 5, which has 4.312kb of size, and 32 sheets (.ods format). The sheets have data linked between one and the other, operations with statistical functions and I use a lot of the VLOOKUP function, and the SI.Error and SI functions, as well as a lot of background color on all the sheets.. My problem is that when I order save, it responds in one of the following ways. In an desktop computer (32bits and Windows7). On opening takes approximately 1 minute. When it save, the warning "No answer" appears when inthe begining. Following, The green bar that indicates the progress of the recording is then removed and displayed. Then the computer screen is blank, and after this the previous screen appears and the recording ends, sometimes. It take to save 4 minutes approximately. Another times Libreoffice crash. Report reference of the last crash running LibreOffice5 in Windows 7

In this same computer, in a partition con Linuxmint18, on opening takes approximately 4 minutes. It take to save 4 minutes approximately. Another times don't finish never. In another lapto computer (Linuxmint18, 64 bits), on opening takes approximately 4 minute3. It take to save 4 minutes approximately. Another times doǹt finish never. I test " save as" and save changing from -ods format to Excel 2007-2003, and after 10 minutes had not yet started to save. The sheet was blocked, without giving as any warning. After this I forced the LibreOffice shutdown and started recovering the document. It took 3 minutes to reopen it. In this last computer, I have resetting the user profile, and I do not appreciate any improvement.

The LibreOffice Writer documents are openedd and close without any apparent problem in all the computers.

I am at your disposal if you need from me to do more tests to help identify the problem

Best regards